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D3S LED 6000K
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D3S LED 6000K

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Price is for 1 pair of bulbs not a single bulb.

after a long time spent getting these right & ensuring they offer the correct beam pattern whilst being Canbus error free (tested on 2013 Audi A5) 

we can now offer our D3S 6000K LED bulbs. 
with a true lumens output of 4200 lumens that's up to 160% more light output than your standard xenons!!

Don't be fooled by the others claiming to be 6000+ lumens all they do is add the light output of each LED together and say that's the total, which isn't how LED light output should be measured.

• Instant power on, no warming up
• Far superior light output produced
• constant light output
• 6000K colour
• Plug & Play into your original D3S plug
• no more worrying of breaking the glass when fitting the bulb

• Tight fitment (just like xenons) to replace the bulb

These come with a 12 month return to base warranty which will be activated once we receive your warranty card back to us. These still use your xenon ballast to work.