Rear Dynamic Indicator PCB

Rear Dynamic Indicator PCB

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This is for the purchase of 1 complete set of PCB's to convert the applicable model of tail lights to dynamic/sequential indicators using your original tail lights.

You must have the S Line (LED) tail lights, these will not fit halogen lights.

The lights will require modification to open up the light units and fit the replacement PCB's.

OEM Part Numbers:

A3 8V: 8V4945093A / 8V4095094A / 8V4945095D / 8V4945096D

A4 B8.5: 8K5945093AC/ 8K5945094AC/ 8K5945095AC/ 8K5945096AC

A5 B8.5: 8T0945095H/8T0945095J

A6 V1: 4G5945095A / 4G5945093A / 4G5945096A / 4G5945094A

A6 V2: 4G9945093B / 4G9945094B / 4G9945095B / 4G9945096B

A6 V3: 4G5945093A / 4G5945094A / 4G5945095A / 4G5945096A

Q3 V1: 8U0945093M / 8U0945093N / 8U0945093AB / 8U0945093AC

Q3 V2: 8U0945094M / 8U0945094N / 8U0945094AB / 8U0945094AC

Q5 V1: 8R0945093A / 8R0945094A / 8R0945093B / 8R0945094B

Q5 V2: 8R0945093C / 8R0945094C / 8R0945093D / 8R0945094D

Q5 V3: 80A945093B / 80A945093A

Q7 V1: 4L0945093F / 4L0945093G / 4L0945094F / 4L0945094G

Q7 V2: 4M0945093C / 4M0945093E / 4M0945093D / 4M0945094C / 4M0945094E / 4M0945094D

we will email upon order purchase to confirm which tail light numbers your vehicle has. Without this information we cannot proceed with the order.

If you require us to do the modification please also add the following product to your basket: